Sun 21 Apr 2024
Bourne RUFC
U8s Blue and U8s Gold travel to Peterborough

U8s Blue and U8s Gold travel to Peterborough

Matthew Bellringer21 Apr - 17:13
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Both Bourne U8 teams play some great rugby

Bourne Blues

A great performance from the Bourne Blues this morning. The team is really starting to show some great defensive work and held their own against three strong Stamford teams. The Blues also played out two very evenly matched games against Peterborough and St Ives. Well done to Noah who was player of the match.

By Jamie Kelly

Bourne Golds

The team left a lasting impression at the recent Peterborough festival with their outstanding performance on the field. I was thoroughly impressed by the skill, teamwork, and sportsmanship displayed by all the players.

From the moment they stepped onto the pitch, it was clear that the Bourne gold team was well-prepared and motivated.

What stood out the most was the team's exceptional teamwork. The players supported each other every step of the way. Whether it was a brilliant try or a crucial tag, they celebrated every achievement as a collective unit, demonstrating the importance of camaraderie in rugby

Well done to Eric who was player of the match.

By Lewis Wright

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Sun 21 Apr 2024


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